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5 Common Inbound Lead Handling Hurdles

by Bethany Handy on February 1, 2016

As noted in HubSpot's 7th Annual State of Inbound Report, the number of organizations actively practicing inbound marketing has surged in recent years.

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Creating Bottom of the Funnel Offers for Your Sales Team

by Bethany Handy on January 14, 2016

Do you know what your sales team really wants?

Have you asked them?

When working with companies to roll out sales enablement programs we hear the same request from sales professionals all of the time: 

"We want bottom of the funnel offers that convert."

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Should You Send a Weekly Email to Your HubSpot List? | Email Marketing Best Practices

by Bethany Handy on January 12, 2016

Email marketing is not dead.

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Why it is Important to Create Negative Buyer Personas

by Bethany Handy on January 11, 2016

We all know having a detailed picture of your organization's ideal buyer is vitally important to your overall sales and marketing strategy.

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How to Make a Success of Your CRM Implementation

by Chris Handy on January 7, 2016

Deciding to invest in a CRM software solution is probably the easiest, as well as the first step towards improving your organization’s standard of customer service.

With that decision made though, the road to implementation can be a daunting one to travel.

To help you avoid some of the pitfalls of CRM implementation, here are a few tips which, if followed, will smooth the way by addressing the human, as opposed to the technical side of implementing a CRM application.

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Building HubSpot Forms for Each Stage in the Buyer's Journey

by Chris Handy on January 6, 2016

Did you know that almost 60% of the purchase decision is complete before a prospect even picks up the phone?

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Why Executives Need to be 100% Onboard with CRM

by Chris Handy on January 6, 2016

One of the top causes cited for unsuccessful CRM implementations is a lack of tangible commitment from executive leadership.

It seems hard to imagine doesn’t it?

After all, only a company’s executives can sign off the approval to procure and implement a new major software platform, so how is it that once they have done so, they fail to ensure project success?

That’s a question which this post is not going to answer. Instead of drawing assumptions which may or may not be correct, it’s probably better to iterate why there is so much more to the role of senior leadership in a CRM software launch than some might believe.

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What You Need to Know About CRM Implementation

by Chris Handy on January 5, 2016

While many business software systems share a common set of implementation requirements and issues, each type of platform has its share of unique startup challenges too.

The following CRM-specific tips and guidelines should prove helpful if your company is planning to invest in its first application built specifically for customer relationship management.

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Getting Started with Social Selling | Basics and Best Practices

by Bethany Handy on January 4, 2016

Social selling has changed the sales process as we know it.

Salespeople are nearly free of the days of knocking on doors and cold calling.

So you want to use social media to help increase your revenue? Here’s how to get started in planning your path to success.

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4 Signs Your Organization Should be Using a CRM Application

by Bethany Handy on January 1, 2016

Is your enterprise still managing marketing, sales, and customer service activity with a handful of disparate software applications, along with some spreadsheets and perhaps a few Post-it notes?

If so, you’re already at a disadvantage in comparison to some of your competitors that have already invested in a CRM application. Can you afford to be left behind?

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