Posted by Bethany Handy ● July 8, 2015

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Sales Consultant Is a Great Decision

Can your sales use a boost?

Consider hiring a sales consultant to help get you back on track. Now before you exit this post entirely, know that hiring the right consultant can benefit your business in the long run.

In this blog, learn why it’s important to seek outside expertise to increase sales performance. Making the investment may hurt like pulling off a Band-Aid at first, but done right, it could provide invaluable benefits with a fantastic payoff.


Four Things You Can Expect When You Hire a Sales Consultant

  1. All levels of the sales force are trained.

What makes sales consultants great at their jobs is their ability to assess the situation. Consultants will gauge the sales fleet expertise and advise on necessary training gaps, whether it’s a sales associate or manager. Darren Dahl, Contributing Editor of, shares an example of a small business owner, Don Kennedy, who had great and managerial skills, but “didn’t know the first thing about selling or what a sales process even was.” Don contacted a sales consultant and after intense sales training, he saw an increase in his close rate of 60%, compared to 17% previously.

  1. Conversations are about people, not figures.

Tim Donnelly, Contributor, mentions “one-to-one coaching as a solution to helping a struggling sales team.” He uses sales coach Jeremy J. Ulmer as an example of asking the team about their performance barriers, and how it is key to improving sales. Holding off on marketing tactics and number crunching, and instead addressing issues with staff can do wonders for improving sales performance.

  1. Technology barriers are solved.

If you’re having problems getting the most out of your current CRM, look for outside help that specializes in those technologies. For example, if you have Salesforce and are spending more time updating data than making sales calls, enlist a specific Salesforce expert to provide guidance on technology best practices. Many consultants will not only train the team on a system’s ins and outs, but some will go the extra mile of showing new features that might benefit you and your business.

  1. There’s a difference in the bottom-line.

In Darren’s article, IT security consultancy Savin Technologies hired consultants for two years and their revenue jumped 400%, to $2.5 million. We talked earlier about small business owner Don Kennedy, and aside from his increased close rate, his business’ revenue increased from $220,000 to $700,000. Be advised that you might not see numbers like this immediately. It depends on your business’ needs and progress that dictate results. 

Where Do You Find a Good Sales Consultant?

If you Google articles on sales consultants, you’ll find numerous firms and agencies. Before calling around, lay out your business needs, goals, and budget first. You need to give anyone you hire a picture of the situation and communicate the results you’re hoping to achieve. Next, do your research. Read reviews and ask your personal network for referrals. These steps will help put you at ease that your money is being well spent.

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