Posted by Bethany Handy ● May 7, 2014

5 Ways Marketing and Sales Work Together to Nurture Leads


Your website acts as a sales portal for your business as well as a portal for information to prospective buyers. Every post, blog, and image that you display is another way to gather leads which you will need to nurture. Every sale brings about the potential for a return customer. When you put everything together to work for you, your website can also become a portal meant to nurture leads and expand your client base in a personal and professional manner. Using a few simple guidelines, this process becomes simple and even enjoyable

     1.   Campaign for Communication

When potential customers visit your website, your home page is the first opportunity that you have to communicate with them. At this junction, you can include an e-mail list signup and connections to your social media pages and grab leads almost instantaneously. Use these tools to continue communicating in a non-intrusive manner. Post updates on social media and respond personally to comments and messages to instill a feeling of intimate communication. Make every potential customer feel like a VIP.

  1. Provide Ways for Potential Customers to Show Interest

As your viewers browse your website, they may gather information without making a purchase. These are perhaps the most important leads to cultivate. Potential customers that meticulously gather information are usually looking for a long term business relationship. Provide a contact form or survey on your website so that leads like these have the opportunity to give you information that you can then use to build a lasting professional relationship.

  1. Don’t Push It

Leads that require nurturing often occur when a potential customer is unsure of whether or not they want to buy from you. In this case, it is important not to pressure them too much. Doing so will cause them to feel suffocated and abandon their pursuit of your business. Create a communication plan that isn’t overbearing. This means sending only relevant information to the client on a regular basis. Don’t all of a sudden begin sending e-mails or making calls in between scheduled communications. This is what can sometimes cause uneasiness among leads.

  1. Reward Customer Loyalty

One sale helps your business but customers who keep coming back help your business thrive. One sale should be treated like a strong lead. Thank the customer and follow up with them to find out about their experience. They may no longer be a potential customer but they are still a potential return customer. Let them know about sales and send them additional savings to keep them coming back. This is an excellent way that you can combine marketing with your sales to nurture a lead.

  1. Personalize the Experience

The information that is displayed on your website is generalized. It is meant for anyone who clicks on an inbound link to arrive at your homepage. When you personalize the experience for potential customers, it may give them the push that makes them decide to buy from you. If you gather any contact information, send a personalized e-mail welcoming a potential customer to your business. As mentioned before, make them feel like they are a VIP. Each lead wants to be acknowledged. Let them know that you’re there to listen.

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