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Chris Handy

Chris Handy is the Founder of Thinkhandy, a sales and marketing alignment consultancy dedicated to shortening their clients' sales cycle and generating more qualified leads.

Website: http://thinkhandy.com

Email: chris@thinkhandy.com

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How to Make a Success of Your CRM Implementation

by Chris Handy on January 7, 2016

Deciding to invest in a CRM software solution is probably the easiest, as well as the first step towards improving your organization’s standard of customer service.

With that decision made though, the road to implementation can be a daunting one to travel.

To help you avoid some of the pitfalls of CRM implementation, here are a few tips which, if followed, will smooth the way by addressing the human, as opposed to the technical side of implementing a CRM application.

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Building HubSpot Forms for Each Stage in the Buyer's Journey

by Chris Handy on January 6, 2016

Did you know that almost 60% of the purchase decision is complete before a prospect even picks up the phone?

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Why Executives Need to be 100% Onboard with CRM

by Chris Handy on January 6, 2016

One of the top causes cited for unsuccessful CRM implementations is a lack of tangible commitment from executive leadership.

It seems hard to imagine doesn’t it?

After all, only a company’s executives can sign off the approval to procure and implement a new major software platform, so how is it that once they have done so, they fail to ensure project success?

That’s a question which this post is not going to answer. Instead of drawing assumptions which may or may not be correct, it’s probably better to iterate why there is so much more to the role of senior leadership in a CRM software launch than some might believe.

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What You Need to Know About CRM Implementation

by Chris Handy on January 5, 2016

While many business software systems share a common set of implementation requirements and issues, each type of platform has its share of unique startup challenges too.

The following CRM-specific tips and guidelines should prove helpful if your company is planning to invest in its first application built specifically for customer relationship management.

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7 Reasons Why CRM is Vital to Lead Management

by Chris Handy on December 30, 2015

Before the arrival of CRM software, lead management per se tended to be a fairly ineffective process.

At best, it required a lot of time and effort, aided by the use of spreadsheets, Word documents and emails.

CRM applications make the process of managing leads a whole lot more practicable. Quite simply, this means that if you aren’t using a CRM solution to manage leads effectively, you’re at a disadvantage compared with your competitors that do.

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HubSpot Training Workshop: Build a Full Funnel Campaign in Two Days

by Chris Handy on December 10, 2015

Sometimes we all need a kickstart on our Inbound marketing campaigns in HubSpot.

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4 Things that Derail CRM User-adoption within an Organization

by Chris Handy on December 8, 2015

When CRM implementations fail, one of the most likely factors is resistance from end users (like the sales team).

Now most employees have more sense than to simply cross their arms and refuse to play with the new software.

Instead, resistance is likely to be much more passive, usually manifested by staff members using workarounds and avoiding use of the software as far as they can do so.

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3 Ways Your Organization Can Improve Service with CRM

by Chris Handy on December 1, 2015

The world of commerce is in a state of dynamic flux, largely as a result of digital technology advances.

Shoppers today are as likely to spend their money online as in the high street and service providers can cater to customers around the world.

While these changes have opened up more business opportunities, they have also created a power shift in the buyer/supplier relationship. With buyers now possessing most of the power, service has become as important to brand success as product quality and value for money.

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How to Master Email Lead Nurturing

by Chris Handy on November 18, 2015

If you’re reading this blog, perhaps you’ve already decided to upgrade your email blast campaign to a nurture-based email marketing campaign.

These campaigns can be powerful when conducted correctly; converting leads to clients and helping you build relationships based on customer preference data that will generate revenue for years to come. However, they do require expertise and careful planning and execution to be effective.

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6 Tips to Make Marketing Data Work for You

by Chris Handy on November 9, 2015

We live in a world awash with numbers and metrics, but what information should you use to make choices about your business?

What website content attracts visitors, how much that content costs, whether those visitors become customers -- collecting the right marketing data will make your inbound marketing decisions easier and more efficient.

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