Posted by Bethany Handy ● January 1, 2014

Benefits of Video Marketing for Medical Practices

Inbound Marketing for Medical Practices

Because of the parameters in which those who pursue medical marketing must operate, inbound marketing strategies for those in the medical profession differ in many ways from those employed by the lay business owner. However, all successful inbound marketing campaigns adhere to a basic set of guiding principles. The proof is in the presentation. Let's have a look at some of the ways in which video marketing can benefit your practice:


The advent of the Internet imposed precious little change upon the psychology of marketing as a whole, let alone that of medical marketing. Contrary to popular belief, marketing strategies always have been—and always will be—governed by the ways in which consumers interact with one another. As a medical professional, you appreciate the importance of open, honest communication—or interaction—with your patients.

Record a video introduction. Individuals learn more quickly and are more receptive to suggestion if they can empathize with the person delivering the message. Depending on how many videos you wish to have on your website, video marketing will allow you to bring your personality to bear on a visitor's decision to investigate further. Interactions with clients with whom you are found to be compatible are often quite lucrative. Mine them.


Those in the medical profession are held to a higher standard than the lay business owner in that they must present as individuals to which patients can entrust their care. As it relates to medical marketing, nothing affords prospective clients a finer media through which to observe a provider's true sense of dedication to their patients than video. Video affords providers the opportunity to personalize messages to future patients, their professionalism supported by their body language, their screen presence, and the tone with which they speak.

Additionally, the nature of on-line marketing permits that profit can only be achieved through having pursued advertising strategies that exceed consumer expectations. Sadly, those who have not achieved this ideal cannot be numbered—though, to be sure, they occupy the majority—as they have been rendered invisible. On the other hand, the victorious continue to enjoy superior on-page visibility, which is exactly what you need if you hope to grow your practice.

Because video marketing adds another dimension to the sales experience, and because the majority of marketers have only just recently begun to incorporate it into their advertising campaigns, it complies with the need for business owners to keep the pressure on the competition. Thus, proper execution, in and of itself, will afford you a degree of professionalism that many business owners fail to convey.


There has been no greater contribution to the online marketing world than the advent of social media. Business owners who use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to establish or improve brand awareness enjoy credible lead generation on an exponential scale, as the nature of file sharing permits that only relevant content will be redistributed amongst relevant prospects.

That said, redistribution does not occur in a vacuum, even in medical marketing.

Most users now access the internet through their mobile phones. Text and images appear much smaller when viewed through a mobile device, often rendering readability--thus redistribution--almost impossible. On the other hand, videos afford users an effortless viewing experience. Most mobile devices automatically adjust the size of the screen for optimal viewing quality when users click on a video, affording them the the option of either watching the video in high definition, or listening to it. Satisfied viewers are apt to share the content with those who have the same device, or something similar.

Compatibility is but one of many factors which affect the redistribution of your content. Viewer’s choice is another. File-sharing platforms were designed to promote social interaction. Their potential to yield users instant exposure and interaction is part of their appeal. Statistically, videos enjoy the highest redistribution rate of any media across most file-sharing platforms. Include links to your home page in your video posts to enjoy more on-page visibility and a higher page ranking.

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