Posted by Bethany Handy ● September 6, 2013

Best Practices to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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First and foremost, when you begin to implement the best practices to increase your landing page conversions, you should know that it is an experimental process. More importantly, landing page conversions are dictated by your customer and what they feel motivated to do once they arrive on your page. Even so, the following information highlights a few best practices that will help you increase the effectiveness of your landing page(s).

Keep it simple

Your landing page should not be cluttered with navigational bars or anything that could detract from the goal of having landing page conversions. Make sure the main headline of your landing page is succinct with whatever the visitors clicked to get there. All of your page's elements should be aligned and centered around the conceptual topic. Make your topic extremely simple with bullets.

Call to Action

Your call-to-action should be beneficial for the reader, easy to read, simple to perform, and highly trustable. Use action verbs as you are suggesting the reader do something. "Click here for free ebook," "Download free guide here," or "Join now for free safety kit" are good examples of using action verbs. Place bold shapes around your call to action to make it stand out to the reader. Use directional cues to visually direct your reader in a progressive manner toward your call-to-action. Directional cues such as arrow are excellent in guiding your reader or funneling them to arrive at your call-to-action as the solution.

Lucrative Offer

The offer has to be of relevant value to the reader for the reader to complete the call-to-action.Offer your reader a free trial or a type of try it out before you buy it type of feature. Show your readers that you are a valid source with social proof. This includes seals of association or partnering with another brand to increase the trust in your own.

Targeted Landing Page

For each campaign, you should have a specific targeted landing page. Make sure each of your campaigns has a specific landing page speaking to a target audience. The message should be targeted and highly focused.

Landing pages are a great way to guide prospects and customers through the sales funnel. Make sure that you are continually testing and retesting your landing pages to ensure that you are getting the best results. What works with one campaign may not work with another campaign. Creating compelling landing pages will help you reach your sales goals.

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