Posted by Chris Handy ● August 21, 2012

Consumer Insights: What do people do after searching for a local business on mobile?

Is your business website mobile-friendly?

This chart detailing data from the 2012 Our Mobile Planet Smartphone Research Study should prove as incredibly insightful to anyone interested in gaining local customers.

  • 52% Called business or service
  • 26% Made a purchase in-store
  • 50% Visited a business
  • 48% Visited business/service website
  • 50% Looked up on a map
  • 10% No action

What does this mean? It means that users of mobile devices are searching, finding, navigating and calling businesses all from their smartphone... with intent to visit the location. Shockingly only 10% take no action at all.

If your business website is optimized to catch users of smartphones and tablets, you will certainly see the results...

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