Posted by Chris Handy ● March 17, 2013

eCommerce Inbound Marketing: Shops Focus on Content Over Commerce


Inbound marketing can work for eCommerce too. Smart people in the industry are building magazine quality content to drive more traffic, leads and sales to their online stores.

Ask Bourbon & Boots. They will probably tell you that Search Engine Optimization is the least of their concerns. When building content targeted toward your ideal buyer persona, the SEO is just an added benefit.

Someone searching for "how to clean and cook crawfish" will probably find this article naturally. It stands to reason that they might be interested in ordering some crawfish direct, or even adding a piece of festive crawfish jewelry to their wardrobe for an upcoming crawfish boil.

The Takeaway?

Selling your swag should be the secondary goal of your site.
Bourbon & Boots is providing Inbound marketing at its finest.
Anyone who runs an eCommerce shop should take note of the power of pairing a blog with relevant products and services.
The article "The Right Way to Clean, Cook and Eat Crawfish" helps to build trusted advisor status with a potential customer. After all, the use of rich visual imagery and compelling, educational information is of great value to the reader. Isn't great value what we as inbound marketers are trying to provide with all our offerings?
Bringing in visitors who are actually interested in what you have to say with high quality content builds up the relationship necessary to trigger the purchase.
If you cannot compete with Walmart or Amazon on pricing, they will need another good reason to buy from you:
  1. Build content.
  2. Share the content with your target personas.
  3. See more success.
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Startups like One Kings Lane and have grown exponentially by combining content and commerce, with newer entrants like Bourbon & Boots looking to follow in their footsteps.

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