Posted by Chris Handy ● January 15, 2013

Facebook Graph Search Brings Word of Mouth Social Media Into Focus


Even niche industry businesses need to start paying attention to social media marketing.

Facebook's new social search, "Graph Search" features bring real word of mouth recommendations to the social network.

Graph Search allows people to search for restaurants my friends like in London.

So how does this apply to say, a custom home builder?

I was having a conversation with a family friend the other day about how custom home builders get more customers. She told me that most people find word of mouth to be where the vast majority of their business comes from. It was hinted that social media may not be right for that industry.

With the introduction of Graph Search, participation in social media will become more and more relevant.

When people start to realize that they can call up passive recommendations from friends about anything, I think we will see more and more people finding trusted people to do business with this way as well.

When it comes time to build a home, might someone type "custom homebuilders my friends use" into the search bar? It is important to consider that this will become increasingly important as these new features take shape.

Search engine optimization is changing rapidly with social cues starting to show up along side search results.

Though social media alone will not do the trick, its place in business marketing is starting to solidify. Those that start building a relationship with their clients now will reap the rewards.

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