Posted by Chris Handy ● January 23, 2013

Facebook Increases Timeline Link Photos: Good for Content Marketers

This week, I almost missed it.

A subtle change to the size of the little photos that accompany links in Timeline may make a big difference for inbound marketers.

We all know that the web is becoming highly visual. Bitesized content is the name of the game, especially for social media marketing firms. This is evident in the rise of Pinterest as a marketing platform. Simply put, people inherently love to look at all the pretty (and not so pretty) pictures.

This phenomenon used to cause a conflict in Facebook marketing behavior.

Speaking for myself, I would lean toward posting a photo directly to Facebook, and then simply including a link back to a post on my website in the copy.

This allowed a large photo to take precedence and catch the eye.

All good right?

Not always. If the post did take off and get shared, the original caption (and the intended link back to the website) end up getting lost in translation.

Sometimes people do not know whether to like the photo itself or the post about the photo.

It can be a real mess.

Back to the main idea....

Facebook increased the size of the photos that accompany links on the Facebook Business Page's timelineby about 33%.

Share the link, and the associated featured photo will come along with it.

Now, when people click on your shared link post, it will take the visitor to your website to read more, and see the enlarged picture.

The takeaway?

I hope Facebook continues this trend and brings the content imagery to the forefront.

This will allow marketers to more effectively drive traffic back to their website, and ultimately generate more leads.

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