Posted by Bethany Handy ● March 4, 2014

Gain Focus and Perspective with Buyer Personas


If you stop and think about your ideal customer, what thoughts come to mind? Maybe you think about their age or income level or even their job title and responsibilities. A great buyer persona looks to go beyond any one of these specific details and aims to give you a holistic view of your ideal customer. This will allow you to gain focus and perspective on who they really are and what drives their behaviors.

Three Reasons You Need Buyer Personas

  1. Buyer personas help you bring the right people to your site through content and offers specifically targeted to speak to and educate your ideal customer.
  2. Buyer personas help your sales team close more leads. If you are attracting the right people to your site through targeted content your sales team will have higher quality leads to work with and it will be much easier for them to close deals.
  3. Buyer personas help your account managers keep your current customers happy. Good buyer personas allow you to create content and offers that is valuable to customers long after the sale.

Buyer Personas the Basics

  • Most companies will have between three and five different buyer personas.
  • Buyer personas are useful for companies across all verticals.
  • Buyer personas are created through research.
  • Divide buyer personas by: their role within their company, their industry, their pain points, or the product or service you offer that solves their problems.

The use of buyer personas will dramatically transform your marketing and your business as a whole. If each member of your team has a grasp on who your ideal customer is, this will give them an increased focus and allow them to approach every decision they make with purpose. 

A company who does not use buyer personas as the starting point for all of their marketing efforts may feel like they are just treading water. They might have success attracting visitors to their site but the visitors never turn into leads. Using buyer personas to guide your marketing efforts will help you bring the right visitors to your site and help nurture those visitors down the sales funnel.

Tips to Help You Get Started

Do your research.

  • Interview current customers
  • Search the internet.
  • Interview your staff, especially those who work directly with customers on a day-to-day basis.

A buyer persona will only be as good as the research and effort your put into creating it.

Give each persona a (fictional) name.

At Thinkhandy Marketing we have several buyer personas: Business Owner Bob, PR Patty and Marketing Mary. We refer to these names regularly during content planning meetings.

Visualize your personas.

Have visuals that help clearly communicate who your ideal buyer is to your team. People in general learn things differently from one another, some people are visuals learners and they need to see pictures to best understand a story.

In our office we have made picture collages of things we feel represent our personas. This is a fun exercise to get your teams thinking outside of the box to really put some personality with your personas.


Buyer personas allow you to take the sales pitch out of your marketing efforts by moving the focus from you and your products and services to your ideal customer and their wants and needs. A good buyer persona it like a compass, it gives you direction at all times.

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