Posted by Bethany Handy ● July 25, 2013

Get in Your Customer’s Head- Research Your Company Online in 15 Minutes

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More and more people are doing research about companies online. Have you ever taken the time to put yourself in their shoes to see what they find online about your company? If you answered no, you need to do this immediately. Doing this research online about your own company is fairly quick and very easy.

Google Yourself

Type your company’s into Google and see what pops up. You might be surprised to see incorrect information or outdated pictures. This will give you a glimpse at what your customers are seeing when they look for your company online. You want to be sure everything you find represents your company in the way you want to be represented.

*Make sure to take note of any information that is wrong or any pictures that need to be changed so that you can take the steps necessary to get these items changed.

Target Keywords

While customers might be able to find you searching your name directly (.i.e. Thinkhandy Marketing) will they be able to find you searching keyword phrases (i.e. fort worth marketing firm)? Most of the time consumers who don’t know your company and are in the initial stages of research are searching keyword phrases to start gathering the information they seek.

Make a list of phrases that describe your company and what you do. Type those phrases into Google and see what comes up.

Example -

Company’s Name - XYZ Roofer

Keyword Phrases:

Fort Worth commercial roofer

Fort Worth residential roofer

I need a new roof Fort Worth

roof hail damage Tarrant County

replace flashing around chimney Fort Worth

If you use these phrases and your company does not appear on the first page (maybe the second page) there is a good chance you are not reaching your target audience. This means you need to get to work on your search standings.

***Tip - Google LOVES original content. Do you have a blog? Do you blog often?

You want to continually get in your customers’/ potential customers’ heads so that you can see what they see. By regularly researching your company online in the way customers do, you are able to see what your company is doing well and what things you can do to improve.

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