Posted by Chris Handy ● July 7, 2015

How Teams can Build and Share Resources in Evernote

At first glance, Evernote may seem better suited for personal use than for use with a team. But while it’s true that the notebooks, calendars, and reminders are all amazing tools for personal organization, they can also be used effectively with teams. In fact, Evernote has the potential to make building and sharing resources and content with your team easier than it has ever been.

As a team leader, one of your main goals is to effectively share content and resources in a quick and simple manner that gives your team members the resources they need while also saving you time. So how can you use Evernote to streamline this process?


 Connect and Organize

First, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page with the software itself. Make sure everyone understands how to use the notebooks, (especially how to share them). You will want to create an organizational system for your team’s notebooks and let everyone know how it works. For example, if you’re creating content for a blog, making notes for a Twitter campaign, and creating employee training resources that you want to share, you need to make sure that everyone on your team knows which notebook has which information.


Evernote has wonderful potential to encourage some great brainstorming sessions. If you’re working on a new strategy or are creating new content and want the input of your team, then try the following: create a notebook for the project or idea you’re working on, share it with all of your team members, and have them all add their ideas to the notebook. This is an especially great strategy if you have a team that has a few of members who tend to dominate conversations while the others hang back. This open platform allows quieter team members to contribute ideas that may be very helpful, ideas that you would never get a chance to hear in a more traditional team meeting setting.

Later, when you’re creating a new piece of content or adding a resource to a new notebook, Evernote will automatically pull up materials that relate to that new information. This makes it easy for you to put the new ideas that your team has come up with during brainstorming sessions to use. If you miss something useful, Evernote will remind you of it.

Create To-Do Lists

You can create a notebook for each major goal you have for your team. You can use these notebooks to break down your overall goals into smaller tasks that can be completed by team members. Then, as each task is completed, the team member who completed that task can make a note below it. This is a quick and easy way to keep everyone up to date on the team’s overall progress without spending hours sending out emails and checklists. 

Share Important Resources

As your team’s leader, you have access to many helpful resources that can help your team succeed. What better way to disseminate this information than through Evernote? You can create notebooks with training materials, helpful tips, flyers, etc. In short, anything that you want to be shared with your team can be shared more quickly and more easily with Evernote. You can even use Evernote to collect audio clips, images, and websites. 

So if you’re at a great conference and want to share what you heard with your team or if you want to record a meeting to share with team members who could not make it, you save these audio clips in Evernote for later use. You can even markup PDF files in Evernote, which can save you a tremendous amount of time when you are editing and approving proposals, contracts, or marketing content.

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