Posted by Bethany Handy ● December 15, 2016

How to Generate Leads For Your Senior Care Organization

Your website can be the most powerful tool for generating leads for your senior care organization.

In their search for more information many prospective customers will find their way to your website. What are you doing to provide a great user experience and engage with these visitors?

Here are some tips to increase website traffic and leads.

How to Generate Leads For Your Senior Care Organization.png

Make your Website Mobile-friendly

This is a non-negotiable in 2016 and beyond.

This doesn’t mean only making sure your senior care website works on mobile, but also that it is optimized to provide an engaging experience with mobile-optimized content and calls to action. Many adult children discover local senior care services for their parents using local search from their mobile devices.

Create a Compelling Contact Page

More than your email, phone number, and mailing address, ensure that your page contains a genuine message conveying your organization’s vision, as well as the promise that everyone who contacts you will receive a reply within a specific amount of time.

Going a step further, consider integrating a call back feature, live chat, or texting options on your website.

The key here is to provide multiple contact methods so that the website visitor can choose the one that is right for them.

Maintain an Educational, Inspiring, and Engaging Blog

An accessible blog replete with useful information can generate more leads for your senior care organization than traditional ads. The blog content should address the most pressing questions and concerns your target audience has.

The content you provide should help potential buyers along in the sales process. Gone are the days that information is kept behind lock and key. The most successful senior care organizations are transparent about everything from hiring practices, to pricing.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Senior care organizations can use social media to present inspiring narratives, showcase key employees, or distribute educational or engaging content in order to connect with their audience, grow their follower count, and expand their reach.

The key here is to realize that not every social platform is right for your organization. Pick the ones that are right for you and optimize your content specifically for those channels.

Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

For many, deciding on senior care and choosing a senior care provider is a lengthy process. For some seniors and their adult children years of planning goes into making their final decision.

When used correctly email marketing can offer immense value to prospects and keep you top of mind during their buying journey. Remember to create emails of substance that the reader will find worthy of the time it takes to read them.

Email "blasts" not only sound awful but in fact usually are. Be thoughtful when sending emails and write them with the reader in mind. 

The path many take to find a choose a senior care organization is long and full of ups and downs. The best thing your organization can do is to always be helpful and transparent and remember the Golden Rule. Think about the ways you would want to gather information from and engage with a senior care organization for your loved ones. 

Keeping this at the forefront of every decision you make regarding your marketing strategy will make your organization relevant, relatable and successful.