Posted by Chris Handy ● February 24, 2016

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn for Your Law Firm

LinkedIn is a powerful social and professional network for lawyers and law firms, and it can help you generate more leads and grow your practice.

The best part about using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool is that you don’t have to spend anything on it – it’s free.

For best results, combine the following LinkedIn lead generation strategies and track and measure your progress, making adjustments as you go.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you don’t have a LinkedIn company page already, create it now. This page can act as a dynamic business card, allowing you to attract followers and post news and updates to drive engagement. LinkedIn provides a straightforward guide on how to create your first company page.

It’s important to fill all sections of the page with relevant information about your law firm, including a concise description, a summary of your specialties and the practice areas you focus on, your location, and website. Also, add a good quality logo and banner to your page.

Once your page is completed, post updates on recent news and events relevant to your area of practice and showcase cases you have recently won. To increase engagement, add images to these news and updates.

Make Your Company Page More Visible Online With Keywords

Keywords can make your LinkedIn company page easier to discover with Google and other search engines. You don’t have to be a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to improve your company page with keywords.

Consider the practice area(s) you focus on and the cases you feel most comfortable with. If you were searching for legal services such as your law firm provides, what keywords would you type in Google?

Those keywords are the ones you want to add to your company page. Include them in the About section, in the specialties, and in your updates. It is important to integrate them naturally with existing content. Google is smart enough to understand synonyms, so you don’t have to use the same keyword phrase over and over again.

Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn features its own publishing platform which helps you share professional insights with your audience. Before buying legal services, people usually use the Internet to find solutions to the legal challenges they are facing. The LinkedIn publishing feature enables you to share your knowledge with potential clients, and by doing so, to build authority, establish trust, and persuade buyers to try your services.

To use the LinkedIn publishing platform effectively, focus on your practice areas, creating content that addresses the questions, concerns, and misconceptions that people in need of legal services may have. Identify your target reader and ensure your content is optimized for your location. Apart from educational content, you may also want to post your thoughts about news stories relevant to your practice.

In the end, generating leads on LinkedIn for your law firm is a process that takes time. Your LinkedIn page won’t generate leads overnight, but if you continually post content and updates on it and engage with your audience, LinkedIn can become one of the most valuable and cost-effective online lead generation tools you have.

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