Posted by Bethany Handy ● August 15, 2013

How to Get More Google+ Followers

Google+ for Business

Google+ for business has been rapidly growing as a social network and helps expand your online community. Unlike Facebook, which frowns upon users making new friends through its network, Google+ allows you to meet new friends online. Linking your website, blog and other online communications with this social network connects you with people who have similar interests. Below are ways to increase your followers.

Google+ Basics

1. Build an interesting public profile that attracts people who share your interests.

2. Post unique updated content that is compelling and has mass appeal within your field.

3. Add friends by clicking the "find people" button, which produces a list of suggestions.

4. Create circles, which are subgroups of like-minded followers.

5. Joins groups by clicking the "communities" icon.

6. Respond to people who have requested that you join their circles.

7. Send invitations to existing online friends to join your circles and groups.

8. Interact with friends of friends to share information and build relationships.

Web Tools

1. Make your posts as visually appealing as possible, using photos, videos, charts and infographics.

2. Add the Google +1 button to your profile, website, blog and AdwWords campaigns, which will help your posts show up in Google Search.

3. Use the Direct Connect feature, which helps Google Search index your business.

4. Put a Google+ Badge on your website and blog. This widget helps attract large numbers of new followers to your online content.

5. Find new friends with similar interests at

6. Access and update your profile at anytime with Google+ Mobile Version.

7. Create an RSS feed and podcast your media content, which can attract new followers.

8. Search for new users who share your interests with AllMyPlus.

9. Engage in video chat with Hangouts On Air (HOA).

10. Use Timing + to determine the best times to post based on your past 100 posts.

How To Engage

Google+ for business is all about posting content that followers cannot find elsewhere. By inviting others to share their opinions about your content, you can develop a loyal following.

Keep a steady stream of posts flowing on a daily basis and try to inspire people with innovative concepts. While Facebook is a much more personalized social network about life adventures, Google+ appeals to people who want to talk more in depth about issues and share information.

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