Posted by Bethany Handy ● August 29, 2013

How We Increased Our Twitter Followers By 20% in 30 Days

Studies show that 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013.

Who doesn't want or need more customers? - We certainly do.

So we set out to really optimize our efforts on Twitter. We were surprised at how quickly we saw positive results.

Twitter Marketing Thinkhandy

Here is what we did:

1. We Increased Number of Tweets

In the past we had been tweeting approximately ten times per day. There were days where we would tweet more and there were days we would tweet less. When we decided to tweet consistently between 20-24 times per day we immediately noticed an increase in followers and engagement.

Because we have developed some great "evergreen" blog content we are able to make sure that we have a variety of great tweets going out every day. We never send out the same tweet twice in one day.

2. We Used Hashtags (#) Strategically

This month we have focused more on the use of hashtags. We found that using hashtags for words people might be searching on Twitter has increased our retweets and favorites drastically. This in turn has drastically increased our followers.

We do not use hashtags on every word in our tweets because we feel it is a little much. We focus on the words that really describe what the tweet is about. Notice the tweet below. The topic of our tweet was branding so the hashtag was placed in front of the word branding.


3. We Increased Our Engagement With Others

We had always had some conversation with others on Twitter but this month we committed to increase our interactions. The result was the more we used Twitter to converse with others, the more others conversed with us. It is a simple thought really, but we had to make a conscious effort to do so because we get busy and it is easy to put interacting with others on the back burner.

4. We Placed Links in the Middle of Tweets

Finally, we noticed when we put links in the middle of our tweets we had a higher click-through-rate. See the examples below:



Twitter is an effective tool for growing your brand online. It offers the chance to connect with your prospects and customers in realtime. Commit to developing a Twitter strategy and follow through with it. You will be delighted to see the positive results.

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