Posted by Bethany Handy ● July 26, 2013

Inbound Marketing Components for Nonprofits

Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations depend on donations. Inbound marketing can be a great way for nonprofits to increase donations and involvement with their organization. So what is inbound marketing?

The Components of Inbound Marketing

Unique Content

Creating unique content for the pages on your site and for your blog makes Google and other search engines very happy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, using duplicate content is highly frowned upon and will hurt your search standings.

The great thing about unique content is that it is evergreen. As long as it remains on your site it will help your standings. You might have blog articles that are driving traffic to your site that you posted two years ago!

Social Media

Social media helps you spread the word about all the great content you have created. It is important to spend time creating tweets/posts that people will want to read and share. You can really solidify relationships with your audience through engagement on your social platforms.

****TIP- While your company may not need to have a presence on every social platform just remember whatever platforms you choose, that you dedicate time and effort to doing them well.


Inbound marketers know the value of great research and they are constantly evaluating ways to improve their efforts.

It is vital to research your competitors so you can see what they are doing well and what they are not doing well. This information can give you something to strive for or show you something you can really excel at.

Researching your own nonprofit also gives you great information on what you are doing that works and what you are doing that isn’t working. This information will allow you to make changes to maximize your efforts.

Lead Generation

By its very nature, inbound marketing, when done correctly, generates leads.

There are two basic types of leads: marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs). Both types of leads are very important to have in your sales funnel but they both require different action on your part.

A MQL is a lead that is ready to learn more about a specific topic but they are not ready to commit. A MQL can be pushed through the funnel and transitioned into a SQL.

An SQL is a lead that is “sales ready”. This lead has the authority, budget and information they need to sign on the dotted line.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your search standings will naturally improve as you focus on your inbound marketing efforts. As, noted above search engines love original content, make it a priority to continually push out new and unique content.

Other aspects of SEO include: meta description, image filenames, image ALT tags, image captions, and targeting keywords.

In a world with hundreds of nonprofit organizations vying for the same donations inbound marketing is a great way to stand out and connect with potential donors.

Are you ready to see what inbound marketing can do for your nonprofit organization?

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