Posted by Chris Handy ● September 16, 2014

HubSpot Adds New Sales Accelerator and a Free CRM to Its Offering

Our favorite marketing tool just got a little more “salesy”, but in a good way. More on the new HubSpot CRM & Sales Accelerator Product “Sidekick” down the page.

When we first discovered HubSpot, we learned that it was a company dedicated to furthering the business growth of its clients by providing a suite of marketing tools and education. Since adopting HubSpot and becoming partners, we have drastically increased the lead generation power of not only our own site, but of our clients. Now, HubSpot has changed the game for us again.

"The traditional sales process in broken. Instead of 'always be closing,' the next generation of sales leads will 'always be helping.’" - Brian Halligan

Today, at their keynote at this years INBOUND conference, Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah announced their next generation of Sales Accelerator and CRM tools to the public.


I can say that I am thoroughly impressed. It is really the ease of use compared to Salesforce that makes this product special. In the past, converting a lead into an opportunity or deal was a process that took several steps across two pieces of software. With HubSpot CRM, you can create a deal right on the contact record.

"HubSpot's CRM and Sidekick are perfect for companies that want to transform how they attract, engage, and delight prospects, customers and leads and want sales technology that matches today's buying process." - Brian Halligan

In addition to tracking deals, you can also track other activities like emails, calls, meetings and other points of contact with your prospects. With a paid Sales Accelerator upgrade, one can actually dial the prospect directly from the CRM tool. The calling feature acts as a soft phone, and allows you to make calls via your computer’s microphone and speakers. Those who have access to a USB headset might find this especially useful.


The calling goodness does not stop there. You verify your business phone number via the app, and it uses your number as the outgoing caller ID. You can even verify multiple numbers. For instance, a sales rep can use either their main office line, their direct line or even their cell phone number as the outgoing call to make sure the prospect returns the call to the right place.
Sales managers rejoice. There is even an option to record the outgoing calls! (This feature is optional, as there are some states that require dual party consent). Emails sent from the contact record are also logged in the record. Viewing your sales team’s pipeline is not only a breeze, but you can drill down into individual contact points between your reps and their prospects. This will allow a bird-eye view on activity that have never before been possible within the HubSpot tools.

We’ve really only scratched the surface of the new CRM and Sales Accelerator tools. Scroll on for more screenshots and the product overview...

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The HubSpot Sales Platform - Background

HubSpot CRM - Overview
Get organized and get selling with the CRM system your sales team will actually use. HubSpot CRM was built from the ground up to be easy to use and ready for the modern world. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are complicated and manual, HubSpot CRM takes care of all the little details - logging emails, recording calls, and managing your data - freeing up valuable selling time in the process.

HubSpot CRM -

...Is easy to use from day one. Where other systems are made up of dozens of tools and complicated features to learn and customize, HubSpot CRM is designed to get your team started quickly and keep them focused on selling without changing the way they already do things.
...Saves your team time instead of giving them more to do. Say goodbye to the days of logging emails & calls. HubSpot CRM works in the background, organizing every interaction between you and your contacts as you go about your day. It’s there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.
...Is built around the way people shop and buy today. Today’s sales process happens across dozens of channels and hundreds of touch points - from your website and social media to your emails and phone calls. HubSpot CRM tracks and organizes every touch automatically.

HubSpot CRM - Features

Database - Collect & store data on contacts, companies, deals, and tasks with a reliable, easy to use database that is built for the scale of today’s data. Automatically creates company records,
associates contacts, de-duplicates leads, and takes care of all the little details your team shouldn’t be distracted by.

Timeline - Today’s sales process happens across thousands of touch points and dozens of channels. Timeline organizes every email, call, note, even website visits into one simple, intuitive view. Make calls, send emails, set reminders, and organize your day in one place.

Email - HubSpot CRM connects to Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, and Apple Mail, logging emails with your contacts easily and automatically. Send emails right from any contact’s record in HubSpot CRM.

Phone Integration (additional cost) - Make calls with one click in your CRM system. Easily and automatically log notes and recordings of your calls. (Recording optional.)

Google Calendar Integration - Connect Google Calendar to HubSpot CRM to See scheduled meetings and create new meetings in seconds without ever leaving your CRM.

Data Enrichment - Instantly see new, useful information about any contact or company. Background information, details on key employees, social data, related companies, and more.

Sidekick - Overview
Take back your inbox with tools that make email better for everyone, including salespeople. An evolution of HubSpot’s Signals product, Sidekick connects to your inbox and your CRM system, giving you valuable details about the contacts and companies you meet during your day, everywhere you go.

Sidekick - Features

Sidekick Insights - Sidekick lives in your browser and follows you throughout your day, giving you valuable details about the contacts and companies you find and interact with in your inbox and on the web.

Sidekick Notifications - Real-time notifications tell you when, where, and how prospects are engaging with you - by opening or clicking your emails, visiting your website, and more. Reporting helps you understand and track your teams’ activity and the performance of their messages.

Send Later - Get more out of your emails without sacrificing your workflow. Tee up messages from Gmail in Google Chrome to send on any day, at any time, when they are most likely to be opened & clicked.

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