Posted by Bethany Handy ● February 25, 2016

Does HubSpot Marketing Automation Software Work for Lawyers?

If you are not familiar with HubSpot, a quick explanation is that it allows you to automate several marketing functions to drive your inbound marketing operations forward by applying industry-leading market practices.

Working within a law firm, you might ask yourself whether this platform might be of any use for your marketing operations.


Having worked with clients across various sectors, including law firms, we understand that HubSpot can boost your firm’s marketing potential and accordingly will drive forward tangible results – whether that is attracting visitors, building prospects, closing deals, or maintaining existing relationships to build upon previous successes.

If your firm actively publishes content, but your publications are not getting the hit rates worthy of their legal information quality, then rest assured that HubSpot integration into your marketing operations can boost organic traffic to your website within only a few months. That may be the kind of boost you need to increase contacts and as a result secure new clients.

Law firms have learned the hard way that traditional marketing methods are not working like they once did. Purchasing contact lists and attempting to capture the right clients is a risky investment without much of a return in today’s digital world, accordingly print marketing also does not have the hold it did in the past. Professionals and consumers are moving online, and depending on the reach your firm desires, your firm will likely need to move online, too.

Social media and digital marketing have shown that lead generation can be strengthened by communicating with the right contacts from the outset, and HubSpot has proven to drive results for our law firm clients and with a clearer return on investment. With social media management tools, you can target the right audience and avoid alienating visitors and prospects applying a tailored marketing strategy. After all, it is one concept to understand how to post on social media, and it is another to ensure you get it right.

Content is key within inbound marketing strategies, and HubSpot has finely tuned blog production and SEO tools to ensure your content is the best it can be. If you need your content to show up at the top of the search results, then your firm can take comfort in the fact that case studies demonstrate the successes of HubSpot’s tools in increasing organic traffic to your content. Your content may be of high quality, but ensuring that your content is produced in a way that can be shared online easily is vital to building your firm’s reputation as a thought leader in its areas of practice.

It is important that law firms take advantage of every marketing tool at their disposal to stay ahead of the game. Remember that any marketing platform is only as useful as your firm allows it to be, so when deciding to incorporate platforms like HubSpot into your arsenal, be sure to work with the appropriate leadership team and secure management buy-in.

Whether your law firm runs its marketing functions in-house or outsources them, it would be wise to consider using HubSpot to accelerate your marketing productivity. If you use an accredited agency, then you will be working with a trusted business partner to apply a flexible, affordable marketing strategy for your practice. If you are still unsure, then let us take you through a 30-day free trial.

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