Posted by Bethany Handy ● September 6, 2014

Inbound Marketing Best Practices for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Marketing Is Changing.

Private practices and hospitals have more and more difficulty attracting quality patients these days. The figurative "death" of the yellow pages and the onslaught of new digital channels haven't made things any easier on healthcare marketers. If they don’t want to see your messaging, there are many ways that they can just tune out.


Potential patients are not as predictable as they once were. The options for spending one's "mindshare" are almost endless at this point. One thing is constant though. Your future patients are never far from a social network or search engine. 

So, how do you find the right public and earn the attention of potential patients?

Understand Where Your Patients Come From

What do your patients do? Different practices attract different patients. You want to advertise as a healthcare center first and foremost. If your practice is solely committed to cosmetic plastic surgery, you won’t be looking for the same patients as a clinic that specializes in treating childhood cancer. Therefore, your clients won’t come from the same places. If you want traffic driven to your site that will result in leads, it is necessary to advertise with inbound marketing, in places where your ideal patients will notice them.

  • If you’re a clinic that exclusively promotes health and wellness, you could guest blog on a website promoting good nutrition or promote your services at gyms.
  • Consider the activities that are enjoyed by the majority of your patients. Is there any way that you can include your inbound links on websites promoting those activities?
  • The interests of your patients matter a great deal with this marketing strategy. You can advertise in magazines that specialize in these interests or the magazine’s online platforms.

Be Excellent at Social Media

It may not seem prudent to advertise your medical practice via social media. The platform could seem too informal for healthcare. However this is doable, if a professional moniker is maintained. That could be difficult but it’s not impossible.

  • Create a brand for your practice. Healthcare needs to make patients feel good. That’s what will bring patients into your practice. So your brand should be something that instills the comfort and confidence in your potential patients.
  • Have a little fun, but don't be irreverent. It’s okay to be a little bit fun as long as you maintain the idea that patients want professional care. If your practice deals solely with children, you want parents to know that their children won’t be afraid while being treated in your clinic. Let them know that you can handle it via the posts on your social media pages. Your patients want to know that they can put their confidence in you regarding their health.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag A Little

No patient wants a doctor that is overconfident and/or reckless in their treatment. Measured optimism and soothing words are a good way to go, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about your credentials at all. If the doctors at your practice win awards, let the world know via your social media pages. Celebrate them and show your potential patients that the doctors at your practice are dedicated to the best medical care possible.

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