Posted by Chris Handy ● July 9, 2014

VIDEO: Inbound Success Workshop July 2014 w/ Sarah Bedrick


In this episode of the Inbound Success Workshop we have Sarah Bedrick joining us. 


Program Leader
HubSpot Academy Introductory Training

Sarah is one of the founding members of the HubSpot Academy team and is currently leading the charge for all of the introductory content. She researches and implements innovative ways to help HubSpot customers achieve their professional goals.

She also still teaches - and does this through webinars and one-on-one sessions with customers on how they can become inbound marketing experts in their industry - as well as how to harness the power of the HubSpot software. 





  • I have been reading articles about Facebook’s algorithm changes and that getting my content in front of my fan following is very difficult at this point. What do I do? Is it time to move on to other channels?
  • My business is conducted mainly face-to-face and I work hard to build strong relationships with my clients. I am worried that Inbound Marketing is too impersonal but I need to increase my customer base. How can I use inbound marketing methods while maintaining personal relationships? 
  • I have been blogging regularly for a couple of months now but no one is reading my articles. How can I get my content in front of more people?What is the best way to get the rest of my marketing department excited/onboard with Inbound? (We have been using more traditional forms of marketing)
  • What are your opinions on using pop-ups for lead generation?


Topics: Webinars