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Increase ROI by Reaching a Mobile Audience


Increase ROI with Thinkhandy Marketing

There is a recent in-depth eMarketer Report that confirms that the spending of digital ad campaigns in Mobile, Video and Social platforms will experience a lot more advertising money. This information comes from a survey that was conducted with 20 of the top Brands in the United States. These Brands each see Digital advertising as key for today’s Direct Response Ad Promotions.

The usage of multi-platform media is busy creating brand new monetization opportunities, while the amazing influence of targeted digital ad campaigns is increasing ROI and driving growth. The latest responsive web design for your business is imperative.

They found that the most vital emerging trends nowadays are:

Tablets and SmartPhones are responsible for one out of every 3 minutes that people spend online. Furthermore, retail websites are the preferred display platform, which yields a far better ROI for businesses and brands with highly targeted ad campaigns.

- The best web properties today extend their online audience reach drastically by means of mobile channels

- Today, mobile-only web access contributes more than 20% of the top properties’ audience

- Additional screens means increased overall consumption

- Retailers and media companies are expanding their audiences’ total reach through tablets and smartphones

The Secret Lies In Accurate Targeting

Digital advertising’s real power lies in targeting. The dynamics have changed and you need to target the right audience with responsive web design, for one, and by knowing exactly who your target audience is.

- You have to target people according to behaviour, which include browsing and/or buying behaviours

- The retailer has emerged as a very effective targeted advertising platform

- To increase view-ability, ROI, and your targeting accuracy, you require real time optimization for the delivery of your digital media plan

The Role of Responsive Web Design

The standard-bearer for your mobile Web design is a responsive Web design. You will experience some serious ROI potential when utilizing responsive Web design to create your mobile sites. Here are some of the lucrative advantages:

An Improved Brand

In the past, brands often featured different sets of content on their mobile and desktop sites. The mobile content usually ended up being of an inferior quality, which compromised the objectives for brand shaping. Now, you are able to present your audience with uniform brand leading and a more consistent messaging with the same mobile and desktop content.

More Time Efficient

In the end, you are able greatly to improve productivity and time efficiency. It will only be necessary to create one set of content at a time for all your platforms. Saving time by hiring a professional Web design company to develop your mobile website with responsive Web design will save many hours weekly, which means increased profits for your company.

Longevity of Investment

By using the most recent technology in creating your mobile site, you will extend your investment’s life. The majority of the work is usually done with the creation of the mobile site, but you might have to invest in some standard maintenance work from time to time.

SEO Streamlining

In the past, brands had to develop separate mobile sites that each had its own unique URL. The content of each site was similar, which is dangerous, because you are penalized for duplicate content by the search engines. Through responsive Web design, you can register each device to one URL. This improves your overall SEO performance and page rank.

Improved Analytics

To analyze your mobile site’s performance becomes easier. You only require the analytics for one URL set, which can be put into one single report that improves the entire process.

Is your website increasing your ROI?

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