Posted by Chris Handy ● August 15, 2013

Is Google+ Actually Worth The Effort for my Business?

We have been asked before: "Which social networks should I use? Is Google+ Actually Worth The Effort for my Business?"

It's always important to use your bandwidth wisely, and to devote time to the channels that your audience frequents. For instance, if one were targeting the youth market, I would be using Instagram for all its worth.

Think about your target marketing persona for YOUR industry to make that determination. At the very least, every business should create a Google+ business page so that they show up in Google Maps. That's right, they merged the two.

Also, as search becomes more social, logged-in Google users will start to see more results on the first page affected by what people in their circles have given a +1. The days of search results being the same for everyone are over.

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