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New Business Website Launch Advice

Are you launching a new business?

After advising thousands of entrepeneurs and new business owners on how to get started with launching a new website, I've learned a few best practices to get your website launched quickly.

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Recommended Services

Domain Name Registrar:

Buy your domains from Hover

Here’s more on choosing a domain. Also, make sure that your domain is also available on relevant social networks. For instance, you'll want to try to pick up the domain name as a handle on Twitter. You can check availability here on all the social networks at once. 


Business Email at your domain & office apps:

Google Apps 

$5 per month per user

It's like having Gmail behind your domain. In fact thats exactly what it is. Plus all the Google Docs, Hangouts, and other services your business needs without buying Microsoft office. 


Google Analytics

$ Free

Google Analytics will tell you where your traffic is coming from, what they do when they get to your site. If you are in business to make money, you'll likely want to optimize your website over time to adjust for human behavior. Learn more here

Website Platform:

Depending on your budget (it's a premium tool), you may want to consider HubSpot. It's not for everyone, but it is a great all-in-one solution for content marketing.

For those looking for a more DIY solution, consider the following:


There are two routes you can go: managed or unmanaged

“Unmanaged” means that you are responsible for bandwidth, security, software updates, etc… , and you’ll most likely want to hire someone to help you manage it.  

I think my recommendation for you is to remove those headaches and go with a managed service, which will save you several hours per month, and money in the long run. Budget hosting plans are quickly outgrown. 

Content Platform

New Rainmaker

$95 per month

Give New Rainmaker a look. It’s a highly customized version of WordPress that is built for those interested in creating content, and building an audience. It will grow with you, and it integrates very nicely with Mailchimp and Google Analytics. It’ll also be there for you when you decide to sell content. All the functionality you will need is built-in and configured.

The alternative is unmanaged.

You can find hosting for as little as two or three dollars per month. Those services won’t take you very far. With the spikes you might see with great content (7000 visitors all at once, for instance). You’ll want a hosting package that is scalable.

Media Temple is probably your best bet for this, and it’s $29 per month.

Its by far the best option for reliability on an unmanaged option, but you’ll need to put together the marketing system plugins, design and Mailchimp integration yourself. You’ll also need to continue to update your plugins, and themes regularly, which isn’t fun. 

it really just depends on how much you plan to learn about configuring and maintaining a server and putting together a WordPress plugin suite.

With Media Temple you’ll be saving yourself 65 buck a month, but if you value your time, its not worth it. 

Email Marketing:


If you aren't using HubSpot, Mailchimp is the only answer. Free to start and the best user experience of all the options, this is the way to go. Just trust me.

$ Freemium (Send 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers for free)

Final Thought:

This should give you a start on moving forward. Make sure to keep track of all your passwords and logins. Here is a printable website credentials checklist for you to do just that.

Last, if you already have a site, or are serious about planning one. You will want to plan to have the must-have website components when you actually get it launched. If you want those, click hereLet me know in the comments if you have any questions. 

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