Posted by Chris Handy ● March 8, 2016

Get 20% Annual Revenue Growth with Sales and Marketing Alignment

 Historically, marketing and sales teams have not had the strongest relationships.

But companies that align their sales and marketing see an average 20% annual revenue growth, as opposed to the 4% drop among firms who can’t work together.

Should you be creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales


True success with an an inbound marketing approach is a team effort, and requires strong alignment between Sales and Marketing. The organizations getting the most out of their marketing budget (and getting more of it) tend to be partnered tightly with Sales.

Of the State of Inbound 2015 survey respondents , those who had a formal agreement between Sales and Marketing were more likely to see higher ROI on marketing dollars in 2015, receive a budget increase, and expand their sales teams.

[Takeaway: Get an SLA if you don’t already have one.]

To help you get a head start on sales and marketing alignment at your company, we've built this customizable Service Level Agreement (SLA) template to help you calculate and agree upon your shared departmental goals.

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