Posted by Bethany Handy ● July 9, 2013

Social Media Marketing Content for the Construction Industry

So you know your construction company needs a presence on social media channels but you wonder what you should post about.

After all construction is your speciality not social media! Here are a few ideas on topics you can post about to keep you audience engaged.

Project Before and After Photos

Including Before and After photo in your social media posts allows your audience to see your company's work. This is a "no pressure" way to show potential customers what you do.

Inbound Marketing for the Construction Industry


Inbound Marketing for Roofers

Current Project Progress

Showing the progress of your current jobs gives people a glimpse at what they can expect when working with you. Also, it allows the average person to see everything that goes into a specific project.

Roofing Social Media

Inbound Marketing for the Concrete Industry

Fun at the Office

Sharing pictures of your staff having fun humanizes your company. People like to relate to people they do work with.

Fun at the Office

Fun at Work


Charitable Projects/ Events

Your company's philanthropic projects are an important part of who your company is and what your company stands for; you should share this!

Inbound Marketing for Contractors

Roofs for Troops - Social Media

Customer Feedback

Sharing real customer feedback helps establish trust with your audience. Hearing what others say about your company in their own words can help build credibility.

Construction Marketing

Construction Marketing Reviews

Meet the Staff

Everyone loves to put a face with a name. Show people who they will be working with if they hire you.

Crosby Roofing Fort Worth

Inbound Marketing

Awards/ Certifications

Sharing awards you've received or certifications you have earned can help build trust and separate you from your competition.

Awards for Inbound Marketing

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Just for Fun

It is important that your social media outlets are not just all about you and your company. Posting fun and lighthearted things keep people interested and engaged with you.

We love Inbound Marketing and the Texas Rangers


Fun Construction Marketing

Associations/ Memberships

Belonging to an association shows professionalism to a potential customer.

Inbound Marketing for Contractors


Social Media Marketing for the Construction Industry

Social media can be an incredible tool for your construction company. If you use your social media channels correctly you can create a bond between your company and your audience. Make sure you dedicate time and energy to your social media marketing so that you put your best foot forward.

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