Posted by Bethany Handy ● December 29, 2014

The Definitive Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency


With the new year quickly approaching you may be looking to hire an inbound marketing agency to help you achieve your marketing goals in 2015. With so many agencies vying for your business how do you find the agency that best meets your needs? Here are some tips to help you find the right partner agency for your specific goals.

Do they Offer the Right Services?

The first thing you should look at is whether or not they offer the services you need. After all, what good is an agency if they don’t have anything you really need?

How do they Operate?

But more importantly than the question of “what” is “how.” As in: How does this agency conduct business? Do they have a clear process? Are they extremely goal-oriented? Do they possess the proper skills to effectively manage a project? All these questions need to be answered before you render a decision.

Look at Previous and Current Clients. 

You also need to look into how they do business with other clients. Are they transparent with their marketing decisions and include you in the creative process, or do they like to do things behind closed doors? Are they also willing to teach your internal team their methodology? An agency’s propensity to work with you as part of a team should be a deciding factor in your ultimate decision.

Quantify the Claims

If an inbound marketing agency you are looking at seems to exhibit the skills you are looking for, and you are impressed with the way they do business in house, it is up to you to quantify their claims. A big red flag should go up if an agency is unable to provide proof of their expertise.

They Should be Their Own Best Case Study.

One of the first things you need to look at is their house website. The best inbound marketing agencies will use their own website as a model to their specific process. It should also showcase specific areas of expertise, which will help you determine if they offer appropriate services for your business. After all, they are trying to turn you from a lead into a sale. 

Ask for evidence.  

Agencies should also present compelling, real-world case studies. They have to be able to show what they have done and are doing for other clients The presence of hard, undeniable data should back up their claims. Never hesitate to ask about their prior performance.

Partnering with the right inbound marketing agency is vital for your marketing success in the upcoming year. Do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions. Choosing the right agency for your needs will go a long way in helping your realize your goals.

Have you set your marketing goals for 2015? Here is a free template to help you align your marketing efforts with SMART goals in the new year.

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