Posted by Chris Handy ● June 7, 2013

The Internet Allows Brands to Target Their Creative

The online Advertising Medium is more rich and filled with opportunity than any channel marketers have had access to before.

I recently read an article titled, When Will Digital Ads Finally Generate a 'Water-Cooler Moment'?

The author makes the case that we have not seen creative worthy of mass conversation at the water-cooler.

Have we considered that the lack of proper targeting in vintage mass media was a hindrance rather than a blessing? If a company wanted to run a commercial, they were limited to a handful of networks and timeslots. I think I have more than 50 dedicated sport channels on my TV today. A far cry from buying an ad during Monday Night Football to reach "men".

With the ease of creating and displaying high quality video content, I think some of the points made in this article are simply incorrect. Has anyone seen the incredibly memorable video on the homepage of

The difference between older iconic and memorable commercials from TV's yesteryear and today's Internet are great. The Internet has no limitation on what kind of advertising you'd like to make, and now you can click on a commercial and share it with a friend.

Traditional ad folks should be embracing these incredible gifts and create content worthy of being shared, rather than creating the same old 30 second spots.

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