Posted by Bethany Handy ● September 11, 2013

The Real Value of Marketing Automation Software

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Marketing automation software started out as a great way to mass distribute emails to potential customers. It was a more efficient way to build a market than cold calling. It was still a numbers game like traditional advertising, but it provided better tracking and lead generation. With the rise of social media, more emphasis has been put on individual engagement with prospects. Marketing automation software makes it possible to organize customer information, identify leads, and nurture each lead through the sales process.

Marketing Software Functions

Marketing automation software plays the role of a marketing assistant. It can automate tasks and reach many people instantly, which is still something no person can rival. While marketers who use the software have to work hard at customizing each message, it's still a tool that makes business happen. You can use it as a directory of leads as well as a database of customer contacts and customer history.

The software can do many things that a secretary does. It can schedule calls and send letters and email messages to customers and prospects. One of the most effective uses of marketing automation software is that is can follow-up with existing customers who might be interested in repeat business. The software helps you organize and categorize your prospects and customers based on inquiries and purchasing history, which helps trigger appropriate messages to customers.

Keeping customers informed is a big part of repeat business. Communicating with them helps keep brand awareness active. If your market is hundreds of people or more, then marketing automation software is necessary to stay in touch with them. No matter how you look at it, the software still speeds up business. Even if you spend time customizing each email, you can use tools that reduce redundant tasks, such as starting with templates that can be modified.

Managing Customers

One of the most efficient aspects of marketing automation software is that it tracks customers and can be used as a guide when dealing directly with customer calls. In a matter of seconds you can look at a customer profile while finding out many details about them that might help you understand how to communicate with them better. They may be a new customer who doesn't understand how your system works or they may be someone who is very familiar with your system and is having a problem that you might not be aware of.

Many tasks involved with managing customers were once manually handled and then became automated, particularly for low level priorities. Pre-formatted emails work best for responding to common questions that don't involve sales. In other words, the software is designed to handle things that don't require human response, which allows sales people to concentrate on more important matters.

Market Research

Ultimately, marketing automation software is a powerful tool for market research. The software can direct you to qualified leads and help identify prospects that can develop into leads and conversions. It allows you to prioritize focus on your most active customers and work at expanding the interests of new customers. Since it creates a wide range of data, you can create many different types of reports about your customers to analyze.

These reports can be used to maximize budgets and identify the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns. From this research you can learn to fine tune your business to be more efficient. It also helps document communication with customers so that you can clearly resolve issues they have. It helps you look at customers as more than statistics and helps you learn about each one individually.


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