Posted by Chris Handy ● March 29, 2013

The Walking Dead of Marketing: An Industry Full of Zombies

Since the Walking Dead season finale airs this weekend, we have had zombies on the brain around here.

When you think about it, the marketing world has plenty of real life zombies walking around.


TV Ads

86% of people skip TV advertisements. Aside from the incredible cost of television adverts, the cold hard truth is that people view these as interruption marketing, and we have gotten pretty good at tuning out these messages. After all, we have a second screen in our lap to tide us over during commercials.



200 million Americans have registered their phone numbers on the FTC’s “Do Not Call” List. How many people under 30 even have landlines? Poll your friends.


Direct Mail

44% of direct mail is never opened, but that doesn't stop many marketers from continuing to push out these recycling bin spacetakers. In the world of email, ask yourself if you really look at the marketing pieces coming through the mail.


Pop-Up / Banner Ads

84% of 25-34 year olds have left websites they had previously loved due to intrusive/ irrelevant advertising.

inbound marketing lowers cost

The reality is that if someone hasn't invited you to share your messages with them, they likely won't give it a second look. That goes for snail-mail, email, voicemail or any other kind of mail.

Put a pulse back in your marketing efforts by adopting the inbound marketing methodology.

Inbound Marketing is promoting your business through relationship building. You can build relationships by starting conversations with your customers, thought leaders in your industry, prospects, employees and many more!

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