Posted by Chris Handy ● November 10, 2014

Three Ways That Service or Product Pages Can Fall Flat

Are your product and service pages hurting or helping you?


In business, we often become so engrossed in our process, that we forget that our prospects do not know our lingo, our acronyms or much about the nuts and bolts of our product or service. 

This is why most service pages fall flat for our prospects.

For the rest of the article, I'll simply refer to "service pages" rather than "product or service pages" Cool by you?

Some of you might have noticed that your service pages have a particularly high "bounce rate". In other words, a high percentage of people who view these pages leave your site, likely never to return. 


In this post, I am going to share three ideas that are meant to help you create more relevant, engaging and sticky product & service pages by:

  1. Identifying with the prospect
  2. Building trust 
  3. Being direct on next steps

So keep reading, and lets see if any of these apply to you.

Hat tip to George & Marcus from the Hubcast for inspiring this topic! 

There are several mistakes people make when crafting their service pages. 

1. Mistake #1 - All features, no benefits

Ever go on a date, only to spend three hours hearing someone talk about themselves?

Not much fun is it? 

All of us want to feel interesting. We want our dates to ask questions and want to get to know us. Dating & business are not much different. Take the time to call out a problem that your offering can help with. 

Remember, people aren't shopping for a drill, they are shopping for a drill-bit sized hole. When it comes right down to it? They are actually searching for a living room decorated with beautiful wall art. In this example, the drill is just a means to an end. 

Your service pages should start by calling out the logical benefit from your offer. 

Don't: "Our search engine optimization services are the best."

Do: "Make your website more magnetic and get found by your prospects."

2. Mistake #2 - Pitching a perfect solution

There are a lot of options out there for your prospects. It is the buyer's job to be skeptical when evaluating all their options. 

If you talk about your service as the one-size-fits-all solution, you may turn skeptics off. 

It is important to give some examples of who your offering is for, and acknowledge that it may not be for everyone. 

It is OK to mention that your solution is one of many out there, and that they may be looking at other options. Take this opportunity to call out some qualities that your ideal customers might have.

What you've done here is shown that you are honest and rational about your offering. Remember, the buyer is looking for reasons to discredit or disqualify you to narrow down their options. Give them a reason to keep you on the list. 

Don't: "Our search engine optimization services will give any business results."

Do: "There are many factors that determine our ability to help you get found in search results: competition, location, industry, etc..."

3. Mistake #3 - Leaving them hanging on what to do next

This is one of the most simple, yet often most overlooked techniques I've run across. 

Give your prospects a clear next step (or call-to-action)

Don't just describe your service and let that be that. Include a link to a landing page on every service page. (really on every page for that matter)

Don't: end without a clear call to action

Do: "To learn more about how to get your website found online, click here to download this free eBook/speak to a digital marketing specialist/download a website page checklist etc... "


Now it's time to head back to your primary service page and see which of these principles you can apply for your own page. Remember the framework:

  1. State the problem
  2. Acknowledge that your solution may not be right for everybody
  3. Give a clear call-to-action

This is just one piece of the puzzle. Click here to download our guide to the five website must-haves for lead generation. 

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