Posted by Bethany Handy ● September 27, 2013

Top 10 Things Executives Need to Know About Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation software can be a very useful tool for your business, but there are some things you should know before you implement it. These are the ten most important elements of marketing automation software that you need to know.

1) Marketing automation software can drastically reduce time spent working on some tasks

The primary goal of the software is to automate simple, repetitive tasks that don't really need human action.

2) This software will not run your marketing campaign for you

Some people make the mistake of assuming that automation software will deal with all of their marketing needs. It won't. It is, however, very good at doing what it's designed for - automating a lot of your campaigning.

3) The software is fairly easy to customize

Your needs are not the same as those of other businesses. You can (and should) set the software up so that it benefits your company the most. Hire an agency that has in depth knowledge of the software to help you ensure you are setting the software up in a way that is most beneficial to your company.

4) Marketing automation software helps with data analysis

When one program is doing much of the work, it's easy to create reports that provide valuable statistics. Don't neglect this.

5) Marketing has many steps

Therefore, you will need to decide how many of those steps your software should be involved with.

6) Quality content is valuable

And automation software is a good way of delivering it. Don't forget to provide worthwhile material at every step of the marketing process, or your automated campaign could become a major flop.

7) Repeat Customers are good to have

Which is why you shouldn't focus your automated marketing solely on new leads - give your existing customers something nice every now and then.

8) Marketing Automation can be internal, too

Thereby making things easier in your office and allowing more time for your marketing team to be creative. That's very good to have. We use marketing automation software at Thinkhandy and work on our own campaigns in the same way we work on our clients campaigns.

9) The software should not be over-used

I don't mean what's talked about in number ten, either. Too much automated material can make you seem artificial, which makes people less interested in you and your products. Moderate your use of the software, especially while you're still learning how to use it properly.

10) The human touch is still necessary

Automation software can guide customers, but humans need to provide the creative spark and ideas. You want to ensure your company has processes in place to reach out to people at various, predetermined times during the sales process. This is very important because just having marketing automation software will not close your sales cycle, your marketing and sales teams will need to do that. Keep that in mind throughout this entire process!

Marketing automation software can be a great tool for your company to get more leads and sales. Knowing how to setup and use the software is vital to your success. Purchasing and installing the software is not enough, you need to have a deep understanding of how it works best for your particular company and situation.

The inbound marketing process is much more than marketing automation software.

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