Posted by Bethany Handy ● March 11, 2013

Tweet Sweet - 12 Irresistible Twitter Best Practices for Business


We live in a marketing world of 100 million active Twitter accounts.

So what does that mean? Just because Twitter is omnipresent doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to help your business when you start tweeting.

Yes, we all know that it can help with your brand image. But that’s just for starters. It can also have a direct impact on sales.

Here are twelve tips for tweets for 2013:

  1. Interact- Interaction is what makes businesses succeed on Twitter. Interact with your followers and those you follow. Get a conversation started! Leaving unanswered questions or comments on your feed makes you seem as if you do not care or are uninterested.

  2. Change it Up- Varying the times you post on Twitter will help ensure you are reaching a variety of people. If you post at the same time every day you stand a good chance of only reaching the same people over and over.

  3. Keep Your Ears and Eyes Open- Monitor comments about your employees, your company, your brand, and your industry.

  4. Clean it Up- Never use foul or offensive language on Twitter. Using this type of language only cheapens your brand and dilutes your message. Be professional at all times.

  5. Be You- People do not want to interact with a computer so make sure your tweets are not coming across as automated and insincere. Authenticity is highly valued by customers so make make sure your brand’s voice can be heard through all of your tweets.

  6. Make it Easy- Install a Twitter button wherever you can so people can follow you with a click of their mouse. Allow people to share your content easily by having a Twitter share button on all your blog posts.

  7. Be Complete- Fill out your profile completely. Make sure to include your full business name, your location, a URL and a short description of what your company is all about.

  8. Picture It- Make sure to add a picture to your account. A company logo is usually the best choice.

  9. Be Short- We don’t mean be rude, we literally mean be short. Twitter only allows posts that are 140 characters or less!

  10. Be Relevant- You should be posting information that your followers find useful, funny, helpful and relevant. Your tweets should not be all about you or your company. Do not be the annoying salesperson everyone hates.

  11. Don’t Go Overboard- Make sure that your are not responding to every tweet that you see on your feed just for the sake of tweeting. Also, don’t follow people just for the sake of following someone. Make sure those that you follow for quality not quantity.

  12. Have Fun and Be Creative - Twitter is a great place to get to know people and allow them to get to know all the wonderful things you have to offer. Find ways to mix up your tweets and have fun while doing so.

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