Posted by Bethany Handy ● May 10, 2013

Uhm.... What do I Blog About?


An important cornerstone of inbound marketing is content. Blogging allows you to create unique content that can help all of your inbound marketing efforts. While you understand that you need to be blogging, you have no clue on what you should be blogging about. Here are a few topics to help you get started.


  • How-to's: People love leaning new skills so share you knowledge! Are you an expert at how to invest? Maybe you are skilled at how to install a new light fixture. Whatever skills or talents you have start writing about them.
  • Case Studies: A blog is a great place to show how your company helped a client solve a problem and be successful. This type of post goes a long way in building credibility for yourself and your company.
  • Reviews: Did you just try out a new product, service, or app and love it? Let others know what you think. What did you love about it? How did it help you? How do you use it? People enjoy being in the "know" about the latest and greatest things to hit the market.
  • Company Updates: Use your blog to inform your readers about upcoming company events, employee anniversaries, or company milestones. People like being kept up-to-date with what is going on.
  • Current Events: Being in touch with the world around you is very important. Your blog is a great place to discuss, review, or just inform others about current events.
  • Answer Questions: If your customers ask you questions answer them... on your blog. Publicly answering the questions your customers and others have will help you position yourself as an expert.

While there are hundreds of topics you can blog about the hardest part about blogging is just getting started. It is important to set aside time to focus on the blog articles you write. It might help you to schedule time to write just as you would schedule a meeting. Blogging can have a direct effect on the success of your company as more savvy consumers are taking to the internet to research before they make a purchase. Take time to create dynamic blog content and watch the traffic roll in.


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