Posted by Chris Handy ● June 15, 2015

Using Evernote to Manage Podcast Production

When you think about podcast production, Evernote is probably not the first software name that enters your mind. However, Evernote can be a great tool for planning and executing interesting and well-organized podcasts. It helps you keep your ideas, notes, deadlines, and team communication in one convenient place. 

So what are some ways you can use Evernote to make your podcasts more effective?



You can create a notebook for each guest and then share it with him/her. This way, even if you live in completely different areas (which you likely will), collaboration will be simple and easy. You can post your topics and questions into the notebook beforehand, so your future guest can have an idea of what to expect. Your guest can also do the same thing, so you will have an idea of what the actual conversation will be like. You and your guest can even edit questions and topics beforehand so that you are both on the same page about where the podcast is going. This will make you and your guest more comfortable and will make the actual recording of the show much easier.


Evernote is a great place to brainstorm topics for your podcast. You can share brainstorming notebooks with your team so that you can come up with exciting, multifaceted topics together. Best of all, as you type, Evernote will pull up relevant content from your other notebooks. So if you had a great idea that you used in a podcast two years ago but forgot about, Evernote will pull that up, letting you can incorporate it into your new podcast. This is why Evernote is so great for brainstorming. You can easily jot down any good ideas you have, and even if you do not use them right away, Evernote will remind you of them at some point when you begin entering relevant information into a new notebook.

Schedule of Shows

You can set up reminders in Evernote to remind yourself and others about deadlines needed to meet your show schedule. These reminders are helpful because, not only do they keep you and your collaborators on track towards meeting your goals, they also are quick and easy to use, which saves you tons of time.

Promotion Schedule and Strategy

Evernote is great for managing a promotion strategy and schedule because you can create an entire marketing campaign within your notebooks. It is especially helpful if you’re planning a social media campaign, and you want to brainstorm blog posts, Tweets, etc. with your team. As stated above, you can put important marketing deadlines into your calendar in Evernote so that everyone involved knows what needs to be done. Then, you can put the content itself into notebooks so that you or your team members can easily find and access the materials.

During the Podcast

Evernote can also be useful during the podcast itself. You can share a notebook with your guest, and you can both have the notebook open into full screen mode during the podcast. This is helpful for several reasons. First, it allows you to make notes beforehand that you can easily access and use during the show. This can help keep both you and your guest on track and make the creation of the actual podcast much smoother. Second, you can use Evernote to take notes during the podcast. You may get a great idea for future podcasts while talking to a guest, and if you have a notebook already open, you can easily jot down ideas that you can use later for brainstorming future shows.

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