Posted by Chris Handy ● December 10, 2013

Is Your Website Video Guilty of These Three Lead-Killers?

Using video to market your business on your website is a really smart way to go.

You can more easily demonstrate the value of your product or service with an audiovisual experience.

This allows even the most complicated concepts a chance to be better understood by your prospects in a shorter period of time. But... are you wasting your time by making one of these lead-killing mistakes with your website video?

Being Boring

Concept is King.

benDon't forget to make it watchable (if not fun), even if the subject of your business is inherently boring. Nothing will turn off your prospect more than a boring video. Boil down your elevator pitch into an initial outline for your video.

Can you tell the story of a prospect (like the viewer?) that is running into a problem that could be solved by your product or service?

Starting with your audience in mind is key. Developing solid buyer personas (constructs of an ideal customer for your company) is an important part of the overall marketing process. 

Keeping your audience in mind will help you shape better and more relevant marketing in the long run.

Explain your business to a friend that doesn't work in the industry and have them repeat back their understanding of what you do. This will help you strip some of the techno-babble that you might forget is not in everyone's vocabulary. Newspapers historically strive to be at a fifth-grade reading level. Why should you overcomplicate your content?

Making It Too Long

According to veteran video producer Rush Olson:

"When possible shorter is better, especially for the first video the prospect sees. You can see how long a video is before you start to watch it, so if you don't have time for a ten minute video, you aren't going to watch one. Content is still the most important thing, though, because of social media. If a friend refers you to an "awesome video," especially one that you might discuss later, you'll watch it no matter its length. One good thing about the internet world, though, is that you can make the video as long as the content requires."

The takeaway here is that you should make a video for your homepage that is to the point, and not too long. When creating videos for social media, you can go for longer form as long as the concept is there.

Good homepage videos are often thirty seconds to three minutes in length.

Not Including a Call-to-action

You have spent time, money and energy driving traffic to your website. Don't forget to tell your prospect what to do next! There is a chance they will get lost in exploring your Facebook page or just get distracted and move on (never to return) without taking action.

Decide what your call-to-action will be before you make your video. Some examples of things to ask your viewers to do include:

  • Download a case study
  • Get an assessment
  • Subscribe to your email list
  • Download your whitepaper or eBook

"Call Us Today" is not an effective call to action.

They might need to learn more before they are ready to make that call. Ask your prospect take action on your website to initiate contact. This also allows you to track your results.

Using a call-to-action will help pull your prospect closer to a point of sale.

How To Make The Most Of Your Homepage Video

When planning out your website video, there are many more things to consider before ever picking up that camera. Creating a solid concept and storyboard for the video does not come naturally to many, but most people can do it well with some planning and foresight.

Video marketing is only going to grow in popularity so make sure your organization dedicates the time and resources to making impactful and educational video content that will increase website visitors, leads and revenue.

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