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What Legal Firms can Expect From Starting Inbound Marketing

Everyone reaches a point in their life and when they decide they need to make a change.

Maybe you’ve decided to lose weight, or start a hobby, or cook in more. Or maybe, you’ve decided to turn your company around by using Inbound Marketing.


If you have decided to make the Inbound leap, then good for you! You’ve taken your first steps to improving your company's marketing. But, just like deciding to lose weight or start a hobby, deciding to take the plunge is just the first step. You have to follow through to really see results.

If your legal firm has decided to take the Inbound approach to marketing, here’s what you can expect in your first year.

Your firm can expect a good deal of Inbound education

There are two parts to this sentence you should pay attention to.

First, even though Inbound may seem like a simple methodology, there are actually many moving parts. You’ll have to do a fair amount of learning to be able to fully take advantage of the Inbound system.

Second, it’s not just you who will have to do this learning, it’s everyone in your firm. From the lowest to the highest level, everyone needs to be involved to be successful.

Here are some great tools to help you in your first year of Inbound Marketing learning:

Your firm will need to invest in building an inbound team

While everyone in your firm needs to be versed in the inbound methodology, you’ll need a devoted team to actually handle your content. Now content may seem like a simple thing, but it’s actually a lot of work. You have to set up your Inbound Marketing tools, write your blog posts, create premium offers, analyze the results, and collaborate with sales.

If you already have a team running for your marketing great! Just make sure everyone is well versed in the Inbound Methodology. Unfortunately though, you would be apart of a very small group of law firms if that was the case.

More than likely, you’re taking this task on yourself. If you want to continue down this route you’ll need to do one of two things:

  1. Hire a group of freelancers to work with you
  2. Hire an Inbound Agency to assist you

While hiring freelancers is cheaper, it’s also much more risky. It’s hard to predict the results you’ll get from freelancers. So while it may be cheaper, it could also end up costing you money.

That’s why we suggest hiring an Inbound Agency. You’ll avoid wasting time and money on inexperienced freelancers. A capable Inbound Agency should be able to not only help you with content, but help you build a successful strategy.

Your firm will need to be patient and consistent

Inbound success won’t ever happen overnight. You can only be successful by consistently putting out great content. So one thing your firm needs to understand is that, in order to see results in Inbound Marketing, first you need to be consistent, and second you need to be patient.

The key to consistency is habit. You need to have a regular schedule of content. No breaks, no holidays, just a solid outflow of content. You should develop a content strategy that not only has content deadlines, but also reviews the results.

The key to patience is analyzing the results. While it may be disconcerting that overnight your traffic won’t blossom into a number one blog, it can be rewarding to see small, consistent, results. These results can be just as rewarding as the big breakthroughs for one reason - they’re reliable. It’s the reliable results that, after time, will make your firm into an Inbound Marketing machine.

What your firm can expect after the first year of Inbound

After your first year of Inbound Marketing things get easier. Hopefully by then you’ve built up an audience, you’ve developed your team, and your reliable results are starting to pay off.

This is when you start to really see the ROI of Inbound Marketing.

After the first year you can start to get in the flow of things. Now your consistency is starting to pay off. Posts and content you’ve been creating for the past year will continue to help you as you continue on. Creating a snowball effect of potential clients.

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