Posted by Chris Handy ● August 27, 2012

What the heck do YouTube Videos have to do with Search Engine Optimization?

Video Marketing



Why is it important to think about YouTube in your long term plan? What do videos have to do with search Engine Optimization?

Think about it. Google owns YouTube. Google is constantly coming up with new ways to learn about consumer behavior. They know that people watch videos online more now than ever before. The more data that is known about a user of Google's search engine, the better the content that can ultimately be served to that person will be.

We just cranked out this simple promo for the exact purpose of building positive "SEO-juice". There will, in fact, be a series of videos regarding how to care for your eyewear that will be a part of our long-term content marketing strategy for this particular client.

Simple takeaway? The more relevant content surrounding your online presence, the better.

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